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Career Management Structure: Planning & Implementation

Our competencies are proven through experiential deployment of our Talent and Business Solutions.The outcomes have been nothing short of transformational.

Client Concern

A Product Technology firm who began operations a few months before the break of the covid-19 pandemic, started experiencing a team-wide decline in engagement level and high turnover rate averaging to only three (3) months of an employee life cycle with the company. This was starting to affect overall productivity and output.

The Founders were surprisingly shocked, as the company was a fast-growing tech start-up (as evidenced by their revenue in the face of the pandemic). This, in their opinion, should make the company a promising place to work.

The firm engaged our services with clearly stated goals they needed to be achieved by the close of their financial year ending April 30, 2021.

Client Expectation


To increase the Retention rate by at least three (3) months post Hiring per employee.


To improve overall engagement level across the team.

Our Approach


We set out first to understand all aspects (internal & external) of the business using the McKinsey 7s Model and the SWOT Analysis Techniques.


Then we conducted a general Staff Auditing, using the face-to-face interview method for internal staff, and voluntary (confidential) questionnaire feedback method for exited staff.

Our Discovery


Employees were more than often rotated across different areas of the business, some of which did not fit their core expertise. They were also often appraised low and sanctioned whenever they performed at a less optimum level for any task assigned.


As a result, Employees were unclear about their career trajectory with the company, as most of them were forced to build skill sets in areas that did not match their individual career plans.


This led to the noticeable decline on staff morale with consequent drop in productivity and high rate of attrition.

Our Diagnosis

Lack of a structured career management plan

Our Solution

We first designed a three-phased Career Management & Development plan with the following key deliverables and dependencies:

Job Profiling

Job Analysis Questionnaire
Job Log Sheet

Competency Framework

Job Evaluation Model
Competency Framework

Independent Career Development Plan

Competency Framework
Performance Policy & Evaluation Form
Career Path/Ladder Model

Resource Identification

Annual Training Budget

Planning & Launching

Key & Critical Talent Retention Policy
Career Development Policy

Monitor, Review, Feedback

Performance & Development Policy
Business Target by Unit

Change Management Procedure


Implementation & Outcome

October 2020

Project Planning Start

November 2020

Increased Staff Involvement with Ongoing Structural Changes by over 60%

December 2020

Approval & Signoff of all Proposed Plans

January 2021

Structure Implementation Start

February 2021

Decline in Attrition rate by at least 50%

March 2021

Noticeable Retention rate by at least four (4) months per employee life cycle with the company

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