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C-Suite Level Recruitment (A Case of Candidate Poaching)

Our competencies are proven through experiential deployment of our Talent and Business Solutions. The outcomes have been nothing short of transformational.

Client Concern

A start-up Construction company specializing in architecture and design, has the best business plan, and client proposition in place. They, however, lacked the managerial best fit to run its technical operations.

The client had just won a noteworthy deal with a private investor and only had about six (6) months to the start of the project. And so, had an urgent hiring need to fill in the position of Technical Operations Manager to join the project.

All their scouting efforts over the last three (3) months had not yielded an ideal shortlist for the role. However, the client had a particular candidate that they preferred who was not in the pool and had no way of reaching the candidate.

The firm engaged our services with this specific hiring need.

Client Expectation


To poach a particularly preferred candidate from within the construction industry with a fixed hiring cost.

Our Approach


The candidate was a high-profile staff of a leading company within the industry. So, it was important that we came up with the best employment offer (proposal) before approaching the candidate.


We conducted job market research of the industry.

We conducted a job evaluation of the role and created a suitable Job Profile.

We advised on and created an Employer Branding Strategy.

We conducted a compensation and benefits plan research across key players within the industry.

We designed a robust and competitive Employment Offer based on the four (4) elements above.

We then created a streamlined assessment process for the role (with specific knowledge of the potential candidate’s experience level.

We also made other potential shortlists based on our findings from all the above.

The Outcome

Month 1

Made first contact with the preferred candidate.

Scouted &made first contact with other qualified candidates.

Proposed the Employment Offer to the candidates.

Confirmed interested candidates.

Started assessment process for interested candidates.

Month 2

Concluded assessment for all candidates.

Final Result

The client had two (2) final qualified candidates to choose from (inclusive of the preferred candidate).

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