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Hire smarter. Hire faster.

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Make faster hiring decisions and at optimum cost to your business.

Talent Acquisition

 Job Profiling

Job Profile Evaluation & Development​


Candidate Headhunting

Graduate Trainee Sourcing

Experienced Candidate Sourcing

Technical Candidate Sourcing

C-Suite Leve Candidate Sourcing

Applicants in the waiting room
Two people shaking hands

Talent Selection

Candidate Assessment

Personality Test

Cultural-add Test

Aptitude Test, Role-Specific Test (Technical)

Behavioural Test

Critical Reasoning Test

Assessment Centre Design & Deployment

New Hire Onboarding



Monitoring & Evaluation.

Grundtvig International Secondary School

“...interview went beautifully well, and she has accepted to work with us… it seems she will be the most qualified and experienced *** to work with us in our history. We have also received a very positive reference from *** where she worked last. Thank you very much for your wonderful service."

Case Study

C-Suite Level Recruitment
(A Case of Candidate Poaching)
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